Boston Tee Party



Once Upon a Time (2015), KAY was walking around Boston with his friends that were visiting from a different country. His friends were like,

Hey, where can I grab nice Boston souvenirs for my sister, brother, mother, father, grandpa, grandma, friends, neighbors, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat – literally everyone?

KAY paced in circles and contemplated it – and no existing Boston souvenir shops that met his standards came to mind (KAY was also super EXTRA). Then suddenly he had a wicked good idea! He was a designer and he loved Boston – why not start his own Boston Tee Shop that's suited for everyone?

He told his friends, "Peace out, have a nice flight back," and then left them on the spot.*

KAY ran home 10 miles* and started working on his Boston Tees – and alas, his first Boston Tee was born...

*Story was exaggerated for dramatic effect